Organizational behavior case analysis

It puts into consideration the practices utilized to organize and implement decisions. However, their cultural diversity may result in discrimination and low morale.

Conversely, she also delved onto theincentives that individually encouraged the employees to work harder. The company is in the United States and Watsco Company was founded 60 years ago. The situation for him turns explosive and there was no diversity training was given to him.

Increased organizational openness also could give extra and critical prospects for frank interaction and trouble resolving concerning Millennial staff as well as their supervisors. So, the general constructions of Fig. All these changes will not only decrease employee productivity but also lead to a high staff turnover and absenteeism.

The other bad decision implemented by Pornthip wasthe decision to expand its business operation by partnering with the aggressive Japanese firms.

The meeting should provide room for debate and constructive criticismto transpire without the fear of judgment. Motivational Theory There are several theories that can be used to incite the performance of employees. Michael faced the disrespect and discrimination at the job performance because people there had the unfair prejudices regarding the ethnicity, colors, and cultures.

Global Journal of Finance and Management. Moreover, it is suggested to the Watsco Inc. Both combine together to add added advantage to organizational and its level of effectiveness. This is becauseemployees have to be in good health, secure, safe, and in meaningful relationships before they are able to pursue self-actualization goals.

Management comprises of strategy formulation and supports team effectiveness largely. Furthermore, businesses today have experienced unprecedented growth due to the widespread advancement of technologies. However, there could be differences in the country, region, city etc. Bies and Maog drew up a listing of four guidelines governing the fairness of interpersonal treatment method or the four antecedents of honest therapy.


Keeping a verbally abusive manager would do that. The relevance of this approach is that it puts into consideration the needs of the employees. An assessment of the case study reveals that Pornthip Somsong altered the values of the organization to influence negatively the behavior of employees.

Although I do not have a lot of time to invest in the new store I will now have to make time to be involved with their performance. Management is related to logical thinking and rational behavioral approach but leadership supports the emotional part of the individuals. Abstract: The paper contains a detail analysis of organizational behavior discussing issues facing cutting age organizations on leadership behavior, organizational effectiveness, organizational.


Southwest Airlines Organizational Behavior Case Study Organizational Behavior History of Southwest Airlines Leadership Diversity Organizational Behavior is the study of understanding how people act within an organization, what factors contribute to those actions, and how those actions affect the corporation as a whole.

Google‟s philosophy encourages its employees to think hard, work hard, and play hard.

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Indeed, Google proves to have a unique work culture that helps to attract and retain the workers that will 3/5(2). Case Study Organizational Behavior – Introduction. Diversity in the organization could be explained as the greater variety of solutions in the industry so that there could be the better focus on the customer demands.

In this paper. Additional Case Studies Case Studies Term Papers Textbook Site for: Organizational Behavior, Sixth Edition Gregory Moorhead, Arizona State University.

Free Case Study Solution & Analysis | Organizational Behavior and Its Importance to a Company What is organizational behavior and why is it important for a company to understand it?

Organizational behavior case analysis
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Case Study: Organizational Behavior - Research Paper Example