A character analysis of dundun in dennis johnsons jesus son

Angeliqueappears in Happy Hour Unlike Michelle, the only other named woman in this collection, the narrator never has sex with Angelique - he only wants to. It seems as the story progresses reality starts to slip farther and farther away. Stan and Thatcherappears in Two Men Stan and Thatcher are the two men encountered by the narrator and his buddies on the night that is the focus of the story.

The man in this story is unnamed, and while there is no mention of any kind of drug deal, there is the sense that he is duplicitous and manipulative, a portrayal that at least implies that he could be a drug dealer, and the sort that would sell bad drugs as good.

Jack Hotelappears in Out on Bail Hotel appears in two stories, as a principal character in "Out on Bail" and as a minor character in "Dundun. We see the main character who is referred to as Fuckhead often, take pills from Georgie who has already taken some pills.

The Woman in the Barappears in The Other Man The unnamed woman in the bar is another of the women with whom the narrator becomes involved and apparently uses for mutual sexual pleasure.

Jesus' Son: Stories Characters

Next thing we learn is Georgie is walking into the staff room holding the knife. Both John and Michelle end up dead, both apparently of drug overdoses. He is, for example, never referred to by name.

The Dead Man and his Wifeappears in Car Crash While Hitchhiking The unnamed dead man is the driver of the car that collides with the vehicle in which the narrator is riding. We then take a ride in the truck where the two main characters see many things that I took to be drug induced images, like the angel that the main character Fuckhead sees.

The Truckerappears in Car Crash While Hitchhiking The trucker encountered by the narrator during his search for help after the accident is ambivalent at bestnegative at worst about getting involved. Somehow, however, the narrative conveys the sense that their camaraderie goes beyond their shared addiction, and desperation to do what it takes to feed that addiction.

In other words, the only thing Georgie and the narrator have in common is drug addiction, which Georgie is evidently all too willing and able to indulge. He is portrayed, in the story of which he is the title character, as impulsive, violent, and self-preservational.

His casual but quite evident lack of compassion is perhaps one of the darkest, most chilling elements of the story. The Train Passengersappears in Dirty Wedding The two train passengers encountered by the narrator on his wanderings as described in "Dirty Wedding" both remain nameless, and both introduce the narrator to new sides of himself.

Georgieappears in Emergency Georgie, like Richard, Tom, and Jack Hotel but unlike Wayne is portrayed as a friend born of circumstance and convenience, rather than of any apparent, genuine connection or bond. Instead of just leaving the dead animal he gets out of the truck and cuts the baby bunnies out of the rabbit and brings them into the truck, saying that they will feed them milk and keep them warm.

Is there a theme. In this perspective he, like many of the other characters encountered by the narrator, can be seen as an externalization of a characteristic of the narrator - in this case, his sense of victim-hood. In other words, he is a victim.

We first learn that reality is slipping when Georgie is mopping up the floor that he thinks has blood on it, when the floor is actually clean. Michelle, John Smithappears in Dirty Wedding Of all the women the narrator portrays himself as being involved with and there are severalMichelle is the only one actually given a name.

It seems as if this story has no set conflict that the main characters are trying to overcome. The apparent difference between this and the other women is that this woman comes across as being just as duplicitous as the other man.

This seems to be an interesting way to possibly give the reader a vantage point into the mind of a drug user to show that they are not necessarily bad people because they are drug users. Ironic or not, her generosity and the gratitude and affection with which the narrator receives them are welcome notes of compassion in an otherwise very bleak portrayal of humanity.

The Narratorappears in All Stories In the collection as a whole, and in the individual stories, there is very little information about who is speaking. There is the sense that their confrontation was triggered by a drug deal gone wrong, but again the narrative never clearly explains.

There is the sense that through his involvement. McInnes is essentially stoic and calm, which may in fact be resignation to his fate and circumstance. I think all of the images that these two see in their drug induced minds really shows who these people are. One of the main characters that we learn steals drugs from the hospital.

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Nov 01,  · Here is a simply analysis of the story Emergency by Denis Johnson.

Emergency by Denis Johnson Analysis

Reality versus abstraction- this story shows the contrast of reality and abstraction. When the story starts we seem to be in reality, as we learn who the two main characters are.

Jesus' Son: Stories - Story 1 Summary & Analysis

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A character analysis of dundun in dennis johnsons jesus son
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A character analysis of dundun in dennis johnsons jesus son