4p analysis of li ning

On the other respect, according to produce some high quality to improve the image of product, for instances the product suitable to play golf.

The rest of this essay will respectively focus on the choice of which country to enter and the related entry mode and key marketing mix activities.

Marketing Analysis of Li-Ning

There are two tools to analyse it, including perceptual mapping and the pane mapping. Media said he was one of the greatest gymnastics, some broadcasted him as a tower of strength and some as "Prince of Gymnastics", "gymnastics genius.

Based on Nike Officialthe mission of Nike is to be a company that better than all others in the sports footwear industry. Word of mouth and reference groups seem more effective among Chinese consumers. The successful implementation of appropriate action will bring the organisation closer to its long term coporate objectives.

They set up their own retail channels like flagship stores or brand centres respectively in Beijing to create strong brand and retail experience Meuer and DiVito, A positivist would argue that researchers can simply measure crime using quantitative methods and identify patterns and correlations.

The primary market objectives are sales and share. However, the network channel seems be lack of the interaction between customers and products, so the online shop could be better used to disseminate and strengthen its brand image rather than generate revenue.

It is difficult to persuade these groups of people to switch brands. However, it has a big gap to the world famous brand. Third, the e-commerce of the United State is well developed, but online stores are only used by few shoes retailers and sportswear makers, so it is too early to evaluate its effects.

Regarding the brand positioning, Li Ning needs a strategic brand positioning to break out the US market. Sports equipment or travel may also threaten the consumption on sportswear.

They are industry of end user, organisational type, size of organisation, geographic location, application, usage and purchasing organisation. Census Bureau, International Date Base, Secondly, not all of product cycle curve is standard s-type; also there are many special product life cycle curves.

The brand loyal customers will also buy the new series products to try. Based on them, Kumar also said these are as quantitative or structured approach, and qualitative or unstructured approach. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the challenges which Li Ning may face in the process of establishing its global brands and put forward the feasible international brand strategy and the foreign market entry strategy by referring to some theories of international marketing.

So market development in UK will require changes to marketing strategy in China. Consumer buying power also represents a key threat in this sporting goods industry.

Examine the problems associated with Li Ning trying to become a global brand. Sell the products to those retailers and wholesalers through the online shopping with the low cost for transactions process and bilateral communication.

Nike has a strong ability of Research and Development, its new style is always fashionable in appearance and professional in function, for example, Nike dunks, Jordan shoes, Nike air force one. And two models will be adopted to make internal analysis, which are benchmarking process and product life cycle.

The brand culture is derived from the company culture, so the primary task for a strong global brand is to build its unique company culture and transfer the company into a modern management enterprise.

As the chief executive of Li Ning Co. Besides, at the end of June,Li Ning launched its new logo and English slogan to refresh its global brand image. Thus, Li Ning needs to rethink its brand positioning both in local and international markets rather than only rely on price-quality bargains and utilize marketing communications to boost its brand awareness which will be discussed in the later paragraph.

Online Sources Chinese No. This similar view is supported by Carlson who stated the empirical studies were positivist in research approach.

Marketing Case Study: The Difficult Brand Revitalization of LI-NING Introduction The case study explores how LI-NING brand which has been the No. 1 domestic sporting goods brand was revitalized to satisfy the development objective of the company and to meet the challenge of the changing market. Marketing Plan: Li Ning to be the number one in China sportswear market Executive Summary The primary objective is to increase Li Ning¡¦s overall market share from the current 17% to 20% in 3 years time and defend its first place in China sportswear market against strong competition.

Li-Ning has a comprehensive distribution network, from s, the first store opened in Beijing, currently it has more than stores all over China, besides, Li-Ning established distribution logistic model since s and built up a supplier information database to manage the distribution network more effectively.

Swot - Li Ning

What is more, Li-Ning is the only one. Introduction. Li Ning Co. Ltd., one of China’s leading sports-apparel makers was founded from a family business by the well-known Olympic gymnastics gold medallist, Li Ning (Meuer and DiVito, ).

Li Ning¡¦s growth rate is 23%p lower than Nike¡¦s and 13%p lower than Adidas¡¦. Li Ning owns a well-established distribution channel, a powerful R&D team, and broad brand awareness in the China market.

4p Analysis of Li-Ning. 4P Analysis Product Li Ning focuses mainly on providing specialized and technical sports equipment including shoes, clothes, equipment as well as accessories. Horizontally, Li Ning categorized its product line as follows: Athletic Pro: advanced sports equipment to both athletics and normal consumers.

Urban Sports: fashionable sports and casual wears.

4p analysis of li ning
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Li Ning Sports Brand of China Marketing Strategy Sample